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List of available Elements for GearingAndDriveComb:

Chain and Pulley(s)

Crank and Connecting Rod

Crankshaft and Connecting Rods

Crown Gear and Lantern

Crown Gear and Spur Gear

Double Worm and Reversing Racks

Drum and Chain

Drum and Rope




Interrupted Crown Gear(s) and Lantern(s)

Interrupted Crown Gear(s) and Rack

Interrupted Lantern and Bent Rack(s)

Interrupted Lantern and Rack(s)

Interrupted Spur Gear and Bent Rack(s)

Interrupted Spur Gear and Interrupted Spur Gear

Interrupted Spur Gear and Lantern

Interrupted Spur Gear and Rack(s)

Inverted Worm and Gears

Lantern and Bent Rack(s)

Lantern and Crown Gear

Lantern and Internal Spur Gear

Lantern and Interrupted Spur Gear

Lantern and Rack(s)

Lantern and Spur Gear

More than Two Gears on One Axle

Motor Drives More than One Gear on the Main Axle

One Gear Driving Two or More Gearings

Roller Gears Employed

Rope and Pulley(s)

Spur Gear and Lantern

Spur Gear and Rack(s)

Spur Gear and Recessed Face Gear

Spur Gear and Spur Gear

Two Gears on One Wheel

Worm and Gear

Worm and Interrupted Spur Gear

Worm and Rack(s)

Worm and Roller-Ladder(s)

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